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London, Bristol, Margate and Brighton!

It's been a hell of few weeks. THANK YOU to everyone who has made it out to a Penny Isles show on this wonderful road trip of the UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Its been a crazy and intense... but beautiful way to finish the year's touring. We are constantly overwhelmed with the amount of new friends that we meet each night and to all the people who make it down to a show. You really do keep us going! We are always touched with the kind inspiring words. This is the most amount of shows we have played in a row and its killing us... BUT the shows themselves are keeping our spirits high in the sky and wanting to make more music and play it every night.

We play the last handful of gigs this year in the south of England..London on the 5th, Bristol on the 6th, Margate on the 7th and then finishing off in Brighton for our 100th gig of the year at home in Brighton. (this wasn't even planned!!) We hope you can all make it down for the end of what's been a year we will never forget.

Thank you for sharing our music with us!

Jack, Jack, Lily and Becky xx

Penelope Isles - Chalk, Brighton - 11-12-19

Penelope Isles - Oslo, London - 11-12-19

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