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'Not Talking' a happy new year!

Nearly a new year and a fancy new website! Oh and happy boxing day!

2017 has been a blast. Two UK tours, our first trip over seas to France and Germany, made friends with The Magic Numbers, a new van and plans already in the diary for next year! We cant wait for 2018 and thought we would make a website/blog to keep you all in the know with whats going on with Penelope Isles in the future.

I wont blabber on but just a few thank yous to everyone who has been involved with the band over the last year. Its so exciting for us to share our excitement with others. Everyone who has come out to see us play - you guys are lovely, and it always warms our cockles seeing old faces as well as the new! Our new friends in France and Germany, JP and the gang in Clermont, Adam Jr in Leipzig for the floor floor space and Stefan and the team at Fake Empire, Hanover - you guys rock and see you soon! A big thanks to all the lovely folk that helped us raise money to buy our new van, you are forever in our hearts when waiting in traffic on the M25! Big love to Simon R for everything, Dave, Sasha and Christoph at Echo Zoo Studios, The Magic Numbers, LEC for hitting the road with us and sharing the driving, Phil and Anton, Chris, Jo and Jack at the sheep farm for the late night noise, Laura for being you , Max for twiddling his knobs and of course Mum and Dad.

Last September, we toured around the Uk and passed through Cornwall. We played a show at the wonderful MONO in Falmouth, one of our favourite spots in the country. Sometimes its a mission keeping up with documenting our travels, but we managed to capture this gig and share a song with you. Filmed and recorded live combined with scraps of footage we've collected over the year. Engineered by Max Jacomb and produced by Wavey Head.  So yea, the video is just below! Its called a live recording • Not Talking • Penelope Isles. Our last release of 2017. But lots to share with you next year!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year gang!


Penelope Isles

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