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The debut album by
Penelope Isles
“Timeless and special… Unashamedly bright melodies that throw you into the sunlight and make the darker moments even more striking.” 
* * * *
 “An undeniably lovely melange of dreampop and gentle psychedelia.” 
-Sunday Times
* * * *
“There’s a kind of ‘surf’s up’ fuzz over this quartet’s debut, a hazy harmonised beachiness that nods to Pavement, Girls and Tame Impala while suggesting something pleasingly singular… It’s the sound of a band enjoying the discovery of their sound.” 
-Q Magazine 
* * * *
“This self–produced debut is sublime from top to toe, blissful boy–girl harmonies wrapping their way around layered fuzz–rock guitars and trippy tales.”
* * * *
“A heady wonder of dream pop… Timeless, shimmering guitars and lush, sun-drenched harmonies… An accomplished and self–assured collection of songs.” 
-Long Live Vinyl  
“A knockout album with instant charm… When Penelope Isles hit the spot they hit it with a dazzled burst of refracted light.” 
“Whatever the framing, each track on their debut is about the song; it’s melody. Recent single Chlorine steps into early Tame Impala terrain, but it's the moody, woozy tune which hits home. The siblings take turns singing lead, each as assured as the other.” 
“An impressive debut… The band’s primary line is in stately, swirling slow–burners like ‘Cut Your Hair’ and ‘Three’, while a handful of intense lo–fi pop nuggets such as ‘Gnarbone’ and ‘Round’ keeps things moving.” 
“A lush and dreamy debut… Each visit uncovers something new.” 
* * * *
“Gloriously fuzzed up… An accomplished debut with moments of real beauty.” 
-The Sun
* * * *
“Until The Tide… is a generous, lively dream-pop offering. They soar like Spiritualized; they shimmer like Mazzy Star. On seven–minute epic ‘Gnarbone’ they go motorik, using found sound like Public Service Broadcasting.” 
-London In Stereo
“A swimmingly–fine debut, whose mixture of indie–kid smarts and hazy psyche–pop feels like a homegrown companion to Beach House.”
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