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Their set is the wide-eyed optimism of youth with a knack for great pop hooks which they smear with psych fuzz, similar to the likes of Cheatahs, or Moon King. Their tracks are like your favourite sweets with shards of broken glass embedded in them, the potential of which is just screaming out for attention.

- Line of Best Fit

Following on from an excellent 2016 EP, they’re a band as multi-dimensional as they are exciting.


Reverb-driven guitar pop is always in danger of meandering. When the aesthetic is half the ticket, it’s easy to forget the fare. Thankfully, Brighton’s Penelope Isles know when to strike. There’s a lift in pace and volume just when ‘Gnarbone’ needs to get going, sweet falsettoed vocals being the other big draw


'Truly one of the most exciting young bands in the Uk in the last 5 years.'

- Simon Raymonde (Bella Union)


Hailing from the Isle of Man via Brighton, Penelope Isles is the collaboration of brother and sister Jack and Lily Wolter.


The band mix waves of ambient delays and fuzz guitar noise, sonic dynamics and melodic pop hooks entwined with girl-boy harmonies. Their self-produced home recordings portray an honest lo-fi approach when capturing their own music. Their live set is hypnotic, captivating and moving, smeared with glistening psych, dreamlike chimes, and potency that will transfix and satisfy.


After self-producing/releasing their debut EP ‘Comfortably Swell’ in 2015, Penelope Isles have consistently toured the UK/Europe off their own backs (Wavey Head Bookings) working with some of the best promoters in the UK (Bird On The Wire, Parallel Lines & Melting Vinyl). As well as selling out shows both in Brighton and London, the band has opened for The Magic Numbers, Lost Horizons, Walter TV, Airwaves and British Sea Power.


Penelope Isles are currently recording their debut LP at the Bella Union Studios in Brighton.

For the lovers of Deerhunter, Neil Young, Radiohead and The Magic Numbers.

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